Hello and welcome to my website IRS-Offices.com.

My name is Isabella Jones. I am a happy mother of two daughters and a grandmother of three grandchildren and a law-abiding US citizen. Like any law-abiding US citizen, I file and pay taxes every year. However, very often among acquaintances, friends, neighbors, I often faced the problems of finding available information on taxes.In such cases, I sent people to the official website https://www.irs.gov/, but not everyone can find the information they need there. Once again, faced with the indignation of a friend and the problem of finding information on the main site, I got the idea to create my own small information site.

I was inexperienced with the Internet, however, my daughter’s husband Kate has a lot of experience in creating IT projects and he helped me create the IRS-Offices.com website (Daniel, I am glad and thank you again for your help in creating the site 🙂 ).

This site contains detailed contact information for all IRS offices, helpful articles, and infographics. You can contact me through the feedback form on the “Contact” page.

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