On this page we are describing the sales taxes in the State of New Jersey, we aim to educate you on the differences that occur throughout the state so you get a better understanding of it in regards to whether you may have:

  • Have taken a New Jersey job in the are
  • Applied for a New Jersey school
  • Opened a New Jersey bank account in the state of New Jersey
  • People who may be unable to find their Social Security Card or have lost it.

What is the lowest and highest sales tax in New Jersey?

In the map of New Jersey is pictured below there are a total of 21 counties that are within the state. You can go directly to the page and see which area has the highest and lowest sales tax in your county of choice.

Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden CapeMay Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex Union Warren
The state sales tax for businesses and so forth is a standard rate of 6.625% which allows the local government to be able to collect up to another 0% on top of this:

  • the average sales tax for the entirety of New Jersey is 6.625%,
  • In all County and cities the sales tax rates is equal and this equates to 6.625% sales tax,
  • This is a brief overview, and we suggest that you go directly to the page if you wish to get a clearer image of the different ranges of sale tax in a particular county. Please note that the ones that have an asterisk means they are below the usual county level of sales tax.

    How to calculate your own sales tax in the state of New Jersey.

    So, what does this mean for you, if you are looking into how much sales tax you are going to charged dependant on what sort of county you are residing or working out of. You can go ahead and use a sales tax calculator which will give you a section that is exampled below.


    -or- Specify Sales Tax Rate
    -or- Specify ZIP Code


    You do need to know the purchase ZIP code and purchase amount in order to get an accurate figure. For an example we will use the amount of $500 and see what the ranges could be from the city with the highest population.

    In Newark, NJ with the sales tax of 6.625% would mean that your $500 purchase would incur a $31.125 sales tax, taking the total amount to $531.125.

    The sales tax calculator makes it as easy as it can be to find out what sort of sales tax you will be charged by simply adding the amount and the ZIP code. Though there might be some purchases that are exempt from sales taxes or have some special leniency which do need to be taken into consideration.

    City Sales Tax Rate Zip-code Population
    Jersey City 6.63% 7097, 7302, 7303, 7304, 7305, 7306, 7307, 7310, 7311, 7395, 7399 191133
    Edison 6.63% 8817, 8818, 8820, 8837, 8899 89825
    Toms River 6.63% 8753, 8754, 8755 77231
    Elizabeth 6.63% 7201, 7202, 7207, 7208 75118
    Clifton 6.63% 7011, 7012, 7013, 7014, 7015 72824
    Brick 6.63% 8723, 8724 65171
    Cherry Hill 6.63% 8002, 8003, 8034 63052
    Plainfield 6.63% 7060, 7061, 7062, 7063 54388
    Lakewood 6.63% 8701 52778
    Vineland 6.63% 8360, 8361, 8362 51467
    Passaic 6.63% 7055 51244


    6.63% 7002 49850


    6.63% 7101, 7102, 7103, 7108, 7114, 7175 49405


    6.63% 8601, 8602, 8603, 8604, 8605, 8606, 8607, 8608, 8609, 8611, 8618 49237


    6.63% 8101, 8102, 8103, 8104, 8105 47888

    Union City

    6.63% 7087 47868


    6.63% 7470, 7474 47436


    6.63% 8527 47406


    6.63% 7728 46233


    6.63% 7083 45808

    East Orange

    6.63% 7017, 7018, 7019 45657

    North Bergen

    6.63% 7047 45454


    6.63% 8854, 8855 43900


    6.63% 8873, 8875 43575

    Perth Amboy

    6.63% 8861, 8862 43255

    East Brunswick

    6.63% 8816 42868

    West New York

    6.63% 7093 42640


    6.63% 7111 41875


    6.63% 8540, 8542, 8544 41754


    6.63% 8081 41753


    6.63% 7501, 7503, 7505, 7509, 7510, 7543, 7544 41268

    Monroe Township

    6.63% 8831 41128


    6.63% 8053 40939


    6.63% 7003 40014


    6.63% 7726 39570

    West Orange

    6.63% 7052 39097

    Mount Laurel

    6.63% 8054 38300

    Egg Harbor Township

    6.63% 8234 37623


    6.63% 8021 37348


    6.63% 7030 37267


    6.63% 7036 35142


    6.63% 7731 35010

    North Brunswick

    6.63% 8902 34952


    6.63% 8844 34693

    Old Bridge

    6.63% 8857 34538


    6.63% 7601, 7602 34232


    6.63% 8807 33977


    6.63% 8080 33729


    6.63% 7960, 7963 33647


    6.63% 7666 33593

    Why do I need to collect sales tax in New Jersey?

    You will need to collect sales tax if you have any sort of nexus there, and what this means is that if you have assets that are physical or economic then you need to do this.

    Physical meaning having a tangible activity or some sort of presence in any of the states of New Jersey, economic nexus is simply passing the states’ economic threshold for total revenue, or the maximum number of transactions that can occur in the period of time within the state.

    Two easy ways to see if you have either a physical or economic nexus in any of the counties is the following:

    • Tangible personal property
    • Business assets or property
    • Own, renting properties
    • Made more than $500,000 in a service or content delivery in the state


    • Made more than $100,000 in sales annually
    • More than 200 transactions in the last calendar year

    How do I get a sales tax permit?

    The main way to go about this is to register online at the New Jersey Business Gateway. Follow the steps that are presented to you and ensure that you have the following to hand to use as information:

    • Business identification information
    • Business entity
    • Location/s that you will be conducting this from
    • Date you will start collecting New Jersey sales tax from a business/property
    • NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System.)

    What is the best way to file sales taxes?

    Before you think of doing anything else there are three things that we recommend that you do in order to make this process as easy and smooth as possible.

    First of all, find out how much tax you owe (remember the sales tax calculator we mentioned before) so that you know how much you need to pay the state at the end. Second is get onto the New Jersey Department Of Taxation ready to submit them, and third have the money ready so you can make the payment straight away.

    There are two main options as well to filing and paying your New Jersey sales tax, these are:

    • Filing online. This is where merchants are required to file all of their sales taxes through the department of taxation in the state of New Jersey, you can also pay your taxes on this platform, so it is one to keep close to you for future reference.
    • Filing by mail. Simply fill out the form UST-1, but this is not the recommended way of filing your taxes due to the possibilities of them getting lost in the post and then it could mean that you are subject to late fees if they are not filed within the allotted time.

    We hope this document was able to allow you to feel more confident when it comes to sales tax in the state of New Jersey depending on where you operate out of.