Nassau County (NY) Sales Tax

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Each business in New York needs to collect sales taxes to then pay up to the Department of Revenue. The sales taxes are added to qualifying items and services sold. The sales tax rate is made up of the sum of the State sales tax, county sales tax, city sales tax, and in some cases, there are extra special district sales rates. The maximum sales tax applicable in Nassau County, New York reaches 8.63%. The sales tax in New York is 4.00%. Nassau County charges an extra % sales tax rate. Some cities charge up to an additional 0.38% on the sales tax rate, hence we get the maximal result of 8.63% sales tax rate.

Nassau County Sales Tax Calculator, New York

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When you are selling or buying, you need to know the total sales tax applicable to your transaction. Since each city and district has its own applicable sales tax rate, it is easy to get lost. For this reason, we have created an online calculator that figures all of this out for you. All that you must do is input your zip code and the price of the transaction. The calculator will apply the sales tax rate of that zip code and will give you a result. This way you do not need to look around and search on multiple sites.

Tax Rates by City in Nassau County, New York

In the USA, each district, each city has its own applicable sales tax rate. The total sales tax rates vary from a minimum of 8.63% to a maximum of 8.63%. To learn more about what is the general applicable sales tax rate for each city in New York, see the table below. All you must do is to look for your designated city and read the applicable sales tax rate.

City Sales Tax Rate Zip-code Population
Valley Stream 8.63% 11580, 11581, 11582 52495


8.63% 11758 49089


8.63% 11549, 11550, 11551 41145


8.63% 11756 38330


8.63% 11590 38259

New Hyde Park

8.63% 11040, 11042 37446


8.63% 11801, 11802, 11815, 11819, 11854 36080


8.63% 11520 35818


8.63% 11003 35663


8.63% 11566 32903

East Meadow

8.63% 11554 32480


8.63% 11710 30778

Long Beach

8.63% 11561 29905


8.63% 11793 29209


8.63% 11510 28565


8.63% 11572 27962


8.63% 11735, 11737 27845


8.63% 11803 26533

Port Washington

8.63% 11050, 11051, 11052, 11053, 11054, 11055 25840

Garden City

8.63% 11530, 11531 24839

Rockville Centre

8.63% 11570, 11571 23850

Floral Park

8.63% 11001, 11002 23250


8.63% 11791 22997

Glen Cove

8.63% 11542 21656

West Hempstead

8.63% 11552 20840


8.63% 11553, 11556 20800

Franklin Square

8.63% 11010 20788


8.63% 11714 20782

Massapequa Park

8.63% 11762 20692


8.63% 11783 19289


8.63% 11563 19016


8.63% 11501 16972


8.63% 11030 16946


8.63% 11575 13013


8.63% 11753 12072


8.63% 11576 11797


8.63% 11598 11226

Glen Head

8.63% 11545 11138

Roslyn Heights

8.63% 11577 10881

Alternative sales tax rate for Nassau County.

County Max Combined Tax State Tax County Tax City Tax Special Tax
New York County 8.88% 0% 4.50% 0.38%
Queens County 8.88% 0% 4.50% 0.38%
Westchester County 8.88% 0% 4.50% 0.38%
Onondaga County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Albany County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Oneida County 8.75% 0% 4.75% 0%
Schenectady County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Orange County 8.13% % 0% 0.38%
Warren County 7.00% % 3.00% 0%
Putnam County 8.38% % 0% 0.38%
Genesee County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Columbia County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Wayne County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Tioga County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Orleans County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Herkimer County 8.25% % 0% 0%
Sullivan County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Allegany County 8.50% % 0% 0%
Delaware County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Wyoming County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Hamilton County 8.00% % 0% 0%

Popular questions about sales tax in Nassau County

What states don`t have sales tax?

Sales taxes are regulated by state and federal laws. Since states control the amount of sales tax that they charge locally, some others have decided to omit sales taxes at all to facilitate transactions. There are municipalities, or cities that can impose their taxes. As of right now, there are 5 states in the USA that do not charge a state sales tax. These states are Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Delaware, New Hampshire.

How to avoid paying sales tax on a used car?

Sales taxes add up and increase your costs. Everybody would like to save on costs. There are legal ways that you can use to avoid paying sales taxes. The first detail to know is a court ruling of 1992. According to the supreme court, you are not liable for sales taxes when you buy out of state. This means that if you do some research and buy from sellers that are established out of state, you will be able to avoid sales taxes.

Another great way to avoid sales taxes is to shop at eBay or other eCommerce stores where items are sold by individual sellers. We need to remember that companies that sell on these platforms are liable to charge sales taxes. The same strategy can be used to find big companies or established merchants that have their eCommerce business separate from their brick-and-mortar shops. Such is the case of Barnes&Nobles and Borders. Also making small research on how the sales tax is handled by the seller is a great way to save money, as the merchant may have special agreements with the government.

Another great way to avoid sales taxes is to purchase from states that do not incur sales taxes. If you cannot eliminate the sales tax, then why not reduce it. Since sales taxes depend on location, then choosing the right place to buy the car, will affect your sales taxes, as each county and zip code have their own applicable sales tax rate. The type of car also affects your applicable sales tax rate. A good way to reduce your sales taxes is to choose the right permanent address.

What state has the highest sales tax?

Sales taxes rates change by zip code as each county can impose its own sales taxes. When we factor both state taxes and local taxes, we can see that in all USA, there are some areas that you end up paying more in sales taxes. We will list the top 5 states in the USA that have the highest sales taxes.

  • New York has a state tax of 4%. A during up the local taxes, the final tax rate can add up to 8.5%. The metro city area has a surcharge of 0.375% to fund public transport. Groceries and drugs are tax-exempt in NY.
  • Then we have Kansas. It has a state sales tax of 6.25%. Some local areas can charge an additional 4%. The average sales tax rate in Kansas is 8.7%, even though some areas can reach up to 10%. The sales tax applies to everything; hence it is very expensive there.
  • California has a state tax of 7.25% and local areas can charge an additional 2.5%. The average combined sales tax is 8.82%.
  • Illinois has a state tax of 6.25% and some local areas charge up to 4.75%. The average sales tax rate is 8.83%.
  • Oklahoma has a state tax of 4.75% and local areas can charge up to 7% extra on sales taxes. The average sales tax is 8.95%.
How is an excise tax different from a sales tax?

There are some special goods and services that do not qualify for the sales tax rate but instead are charged another rate. The most common category of these items falls under the excise tax. This is a special tax rate that is charged to gas, fuel, tobacco, and other goods that are heavily regulated by the government. Some services qualify for excise tax, such as using the highway. Air travel is in this category too.

How to charge sales tax?

Sales taxes are collected by the Department of Revenue. The taxes go to the General Fund, and it funds government expenses. Some parts of the sales tax fund state operations, such as K-12 education. The money can be used to fund other public services. The money collected from taxes is also used to pay the wages of jobs that are related to government agencies, such as police departments, libraries, museums, etc.