Queens County (NY) Sales Tax

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Each business in New York needs to collect sales taxes to then pay up to the Department of Revenue. The sales taxes are added to qualifying items and services sold. The sales tax rate is made up of the sum of the State sales tax, county sales tax, city sales tax, and in some cases, there are extra special district sales rates. The maximum sales tax applicable in Queens County, New York reaches 8.88%. The sales tax in New York is 4.00%. Queens County charges an extra 0% sales tax rate. Some cities charge up to an additional 4.88% on the sales tax rate, hence we get the maximal result of 8.88% sales tax rate.

Queens County Sales Tax Calculator, New York

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When you are selling or buying, you need to know the total sales tax applicable to your transaction. Since each city and district has its own applicable sales tax rate, it is easy to get lost. For this reason, we have created an online calculator that figures all of this out for you. All that you must do is input your zip code and the price of the transaction. The calculator will apply the sales tax rate of that zip code and will give you a result. This way you do not need to look around and search on multiple sites.

Tax Rates by City in Queens County, New York

In the USA, each district, each city has its own applicable sales tax rate. The total sales tax rates vary from a minimum of 8.88% to a maximum of 8.88%. To learn more about what is the general applicable sales tax rate for each city in New York, see the table below. All you must do is to look for your designated city and read the applicable sales tax rate.

City Sales Tax Rate Zip-code Population
Flushing 8.88% 11351, 11352, 11354, 11355, 11358, 11367, 11371, 11381 169330
Jamaica 8.88% 11405, 11424, 11425, 11430, 11431, 11432, 11433, 11434, 11435, 11436, 11439, 11451, 11499 161440
Astoria 8.88% 11102, 11103, 11105, 11106 112870
Ridgewood 8.88% 11385, 11386 76289
Elmhurst 8.88% 11373, 11380 75771
Corona 8.88% 11368 67717
Woodside 8.88% 11377 66214
Forest Hills 8.88% 11375 56345
Queens Village 8.88% 11427, 11428, 11429 54237
Jackson Heights 8.88% 11372 53879
East Elmhurst 8.88% 11369, 11370 46047
Fresh Meadows 8.88% 11365, 11366 45224
Far Rockaway 8.88% 11691, 11693 44370
Ozone Park 8.88% 11416, 11417 41720
Bayside 8.88% 11359, 11360, 11361 39062
Rego Park 8.88% 11374 35181
South Richmond Hill 8.88% 11419 35160
South Ozone Park 8.88% 11420 34717
Whitestone 8.88% 11357 32492
Woodhaven 8.88% 11421 31446
Springfield Gardens 8.88% 11413 30686
Oakland Gardens 8.88% 11364 29752
Middle Village 8.88% 11379 28507
Maspeth 8.88% 11378 27038
Richmond Hill 8.88% 11418 26725
Saint Albans 8.88% 11412 26508
Rosedale 8.88% 11422 23615
Hollis 8.88% 11423 23449
Sunnyside 8.88% 11104 22394
Howard Beach 8.88% 11414 21425
Long Island City 8.88% 11101, 11109, 11120 21036
Little Neck 8.88% 11362, 11363 20984
College Point 8.88% 11356 18183
Cambria Heights 8.88% 11411 15695
Bellerose 8.88% 11426 14806
Kew Gardens 8.88% 11415 14541
Rockaway Park 8.88% 11694 14148
Arverne 8.88% 11692 12619
Glen Oaks 8.88% 11004 11118

Alternative sales tax rate for Queens County.

County Max Combined Tax State Tax County Tax City Tax Special Tax
Kings County 8.88% 0% 4.50% 0.38%
Albany County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Broome County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Schenectady County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Orange County 8.13% % 0% 0.38%
Cayuga County 8.00% 0% 4.00% 0%
Ulster County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Oswego County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Clinton County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Montgomery County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Steuben County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Columbia County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Wayne County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Madison County 8.00% 0% 4.00% 0%
Washington County 7.00% % 0% 0%
Chenango County 8.00% 0% 4.00% 0%
Yates County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Tioga County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Seneca County 8.00% % 0% 0%
Herkimer County 8.25% % 0% 0%
Delaware County 8.00% % 0% 0%

Popular questions about sales tax in Queens County

How to find sales tax?

The sales tax varies by state, county, and city. Since each jurisdiction has its own applicable sales tax rate, it is difficult to keep track of the tax amount owed for various jurisdictions. Therefore, we have created a simple tool that makes all the necessary calculations for you. Using our free online Sales Tax Calculator will allow you to automatically figure out the sales tax amount owed. All that you must do is input the total sales amount and the zip code that you are completing the purchase. The site will list the total sales amount and the components of the sales tax. This means it will list the appropriate applicable state, county, local, and city taxes. This service is nice and simple to use.

What states have no sales tax?

Sales taxes are regulated by state and federal laws. Since states control the amount of sales tax that they charge locally, some others have decided to omit sales taxes at all to facilitate transactions. There are municipalities, or cities that can impose their taxes. As of right now, there are 5 states in the USA that do not charge a state sales tax. These states are Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Delaware, New Hampshire.

When do you pay sales tax on a new car?

When you purchase a car, the laws regarding the applicable sales tax are a bit more complicated. The first factor to consider is that there is a base 6% sales tax. Let’s say that your car costs 10k. You pay 6% on that, which is $600 on sales tax. On top of this cost, you also pay fees for vehicle registration and licenses. If you complete the transaction via a dealership, then all this paperwork and its cost are factored in on the sales agreement. If you buy the car via a private seller, then it is you, the buyer that needs to process all this paperwork via the local tax office and vehicle registration office. You would be responsible for paying registration fees and the title.

States allow for trade-in allowances, and this is a fantastic way to reduce your tax bill. Instead of selling your old vehicle, and then incurring sales taxes on that transaction, you can bring your old vehicle to the dealership and do a trade-in allowance for a new car. The value of the trade-in is reduced from the sticker price of the car that your intent to purchase. Then some dealerships offer rebates, which further reduces your total sales tax.

Let’s say that you will purchase the same car as in the above example that costs 10k. Instead, this time you have an old car to do a trade-in that is valued at 2k. The dealership offers you a 1k rebate offer. In that case, your sales tax will not be charged anymore on the original price of 10k, but it will be charged on the reduced price after the rebate and the trade-in. More specifically, we will reduce from 10k, the value of the rebate (1k) and the value of the trade-in (2k), hence a total of 3k of discount. We would end up paying out-of-pocket 7k. The applicable sales tax on a 7k car is $7000*6%= $420. We can see that we are paying a lower sales tax compared to the previous tax of $600. We are not paying any taxes on the old car that you brought for a rebate and not paying any sales taxes on that.

How to avoid paying sales tax on a used car?

Sales taxes add up and increase your costs. Everybody would like to save on costs. There are legal ways that you can use to avoid paying sales taxes. The first detail to know is a court ruling of 1992. According to the supreme court, you are not liable for sales taxes when you buy out of state. This means that if you do some research and buy from sellers that are established out of state, you will be able to avoid sales taxes.

Another great way to avoid sales taxes is to shop at eBay or other eCommerce stores where items are sold by individual sellers. We need to remember that companies that sell on these platforms are liable to charge sales taxes. The same strategy can be used to find big companies or established merchants that have their eCommerce business separate from their brick-and-mortar shops. Such is the case of Barnes&Nobles and Borders. Also making small research on how the sales tax is handled by the seller is a great way to save money, as the merchant may have special agreements with the government.

Another great way to avoid sales taxes is to purchase from states that do not incur sales taxes. If you cannot eliminate the sales tax, then why not reduce it. Since sales taxes depend on location, then choosing the right place to buy the car, will affect your sales taxes, as each county and zip code have their own applicable sales tax rate. The type of car also affects your applicable sales tax rate. A good way to reduce your sales taxes is to choose the right permanent address.

What is a sales tax number?

To collect taxes as a business you need a tax id number. You can get thus form the IRS . You get a sales tax id by using the information from the tax id number. A sales certificate is proof that you are buying something for business use and that you intend to resell the thing that you bought. The sales certificate allows a business to buy goods and services without a sales tax.